Alec du Toit

Name: Alec Francois du ToitHSduToit

Date of Birth: 13/08/1999

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Durban

Home Town: Durban, Westville

Sporting Code: Badminton

Introduction to your sport: I was introduced to the sport through school, Westville Senior Primary, in grade four. I instantly liked the sport. I was asked to play for KZN badminton and had my first tournament in grade 4 (2009) after having a great under 13, I went through a stage where I didn’t play badminton at all, but gravitated back to it again. I just liked its agility, pace and tactics.

Career Achievements: From 2009 Played KZN Badminton for Under 13, and was fortunate to play KZN under 17 and 19 until present. My latest achievement is receiving a national SA grading (4th )

Favourite Food: Lasagne

How do you spend your down time? I play Xbox, visit friends and go to the beach.

Specialist Event/s: Singles and doubles

Importance of the EADP for you: I need professional training to reach my goals and perform to the best of my abilities. I know that EADP can also provide the science behind exercise in order to give me an edge.

Favourite Drink: Orange Juice

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