Name: Fikile MbuthumaHSMbuthuma

Date of Birth: 23/12/1980

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Harding

Home Town: Durban

Sporting Code: Marathon Running

Introduction to your sport: Starting running long distance when I was still in school and loved it.

Career Achievements: 2nd – Zululand Ultra Marathon 2014 and 2015 1st – Legends Marathon (68km) 2013 13th woman – Comrades Marathon (2014) 15th woman and 1st KZN woman – Comrades (2015)

Personal Sponsors: Nike

Nickname: Fikile

Role Model: Riana van Niekerk

Favourite Food: Pap and chicken

How do you spend your down time? I love reading a if I’m not reading then I’m on the road training.

Facebook Page:

Specialist Event/s: Ultra marathons

Importance of the EADP for you: Has helped a lot as I wasn’t one for regular exercise and all the professionals at Prime have also helped to keep me in peak condition (Dietitian and Physio\’s etc).

Favourite Drink: Orange juice

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