Name: Demi BothaHSBotha

Date of Birth: 27/03/1995

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: East London

Home Town: Durban North

Sporting Code: Gymnastics

Introduction to your sport: I started doing Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics at the ages of 5 and 6. My Rhythmic Gymnastics coach, Robyn Baker, had a best friend that did (what was then called) Sports Aerobics. They had an agreement to use the same facilities, so I would watch them train and eventually I had to try it out.  And that is how I got involved in Aerobic Gymnastics – age 8.

Career Achievements: 6th in the French Open (as a junior) – 2010
SA Junior Aerobic Gymnast of the Year – 2012/2013
2nd at All Africa – 2016

Nickname: DemDog

Favourite Food: Sushi. Chocolate. Dried Mango. Biltong. Popcorn.

How do you spend your down time? When I do have time off, I definitely take advantage of it and really just \”chill.\”
I see my friends, catch up on series, hit the beach or go shopping.

Twitter Handle: @DemiBotha

Facebook Page: Demi Cassandra Botha

Specialist Event/s: I specialize in Individuals – Aerobic Gymnastics.

Importance of the EADP for you: I have recently moved over from Badminton to Gymnastics and I am so excited to get started with the training.
Having Prime working with me to help me achieve my goals, by doing sport-specific and even “element” specific strengthening is definitely going to take my routine to the next level.
The facilities at Prime are top-notch and the staff really go the extra mile to help me get to the level I desire.

Favourite Drink: Coffee Freezo.

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