Donna Hutton

Name: Donna HuttonHSHutton

Date of Birth: 30/06/98

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Pietermaritzburg

Home Town: Pietermaritzburg

Sporting Code: Canoeing

Introduction to your sport: Joined the school team in primary school and really enjoyed it, so decided to start competing more seriously

Career Achievements: African Youth Games 2014 2x gold medal for sprints and slalom
Youth Olympic Games 2014 6th place in the sprint
World Championships 2015 4th in the B-final in the 500m sprint

Role Model: My Role Models are my training group, they all achieve at different levels but they set goals and they give everything in their power to achieve them, they inspire me daily and always keep me positive and eager to train.

Favourite Food: That\’s a tough one… I’m a real sucker for anything with chocolate
How do you spend your down time? With friends and food, best combination.

Facebook Page:

Specialist Event/s: Canoe Sprint

Importance of the EADP for you: In order to perform at full potential you require a lot of support, and to me EADP provides a lot of that support to keep me performing at the best of my ability

Favourite Drink: Ice cold super M especially after a hard training session

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