Name: Shanice MarnceHSMarnce
Date of Birth: 14/06/95
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Durban
Home Town: Bluff, Durban
Sporting Code: Athletics
Introduction to your sport: I started running in primary school at athletics day where I won all my events and proceeded to the next level and kept on excelling. My parents and teachers insisted I join a club and get proper coaching and that is what I did and my coach assisted me from there on.
Career Achievements: Represented SA at ZONE 6 Games in Zimbabwe last year.
Nickname: NAY NAY
Role Model: Allison Flelix, because she is on of the most humble, graceful sprinters in my opinion and her titles in the 200m race speak for themselves.
Favourite Food: Anything with chicken
How do you spend your down time? I go out with friends, university studies and just enjoy life.
Specialist Event/s: 100m and 200m
Importance of the EADP for you: It is of great assistance with regards to proper and world class training facilities. I would have not been able to afford my rehabilitation and the EADP assisting me greatly to achieve my goals of being a world class sprinter and remaining injury free.
Favourite Drink: Coke

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