Name: Dylan du PlessisHSDuPlessis
Date of Birth: 23/04/2002
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Durban
Home Town: Durban, Westville
Sporting Code: Badminton
Introduction to your sport: I decided to try out badminton at school in grade 4. After a few months playing, my school coach suggested I start training at the KZN badminton hall. I decided to try it, and I made it into the under 13 KZN team in 2012 (The same year I started). I really just carried on from there.
Career Achievements: Came 6th in country for under 13 2014.
Favourite Food: Burger King
How do you spend your down time? I enjoy watching documentaries and so forth on youtube, and enjoy gaming and TV.
Specialist Event/s: Men’s doubles and singles.
Importance of the EADP for you: My fitness has greatly improved, but I only started recently, and so I think it will help more further on.
Favourite Drink: Mountain Dew

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