Name: Sbonelo KhwelaHSKhwela
Date of Birth: 02/01/1988
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Hillcrest
Home Town: Pinetown
Sporting Code: Canoeing
Introduction to your sport: Umzinyathi canoe club, they were opening the Development at Shongweni Dam were i stay, so likely i was the one of those who got called to came to be the part of the development in 2005 from there I didn’t look back.
Career Achievements: I did my first Dusi canoe marathon in 2006 I came position 303 k2 Dusi Canoe Marathon
2009 9th k1
2010 3rd k2
2011 4th k1
2012 3rd k2
2013 3rd k1
2014 1st k2
2015 3rd k1
2016 3rd K2
2017 2nd k1
2018 3rd k2
2019 2nd k1

Non-stop Dusi
2010 1st k2
2011 1st k2
2012 4th k2
2013 1st k2
2014 1st k2
2015 1st k1 3rd overall
2016 1st k1 and first overall
2017 1st k1 2nd overall
2018 1st K2
2019 1st k1 and first overall

I’m a k2 and k1 Nonstop Dusi record holder
Personal Sponsors: Red Bull, Euro Steel,  Carbonology sport
Nickname: Tuff guy
Role Model: Martin Dreyer
Favourite Food: Past, rice and carry
How do you spend your down time? watching movies, play soccer
Twitter Handle: @sbonelokhwela
Facebook Page: @sbonelokhwela
Instagram Handle: @sbonelokhwela
Specialist Event/s: Canoe marathon/ Dusi canoe marathon
Importance of the EADP for you: They helping me with my weakest points
Favourite Drink: Red Bull

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