Full Name: Kusaselihle Ngidi
Date of Birth: 01 July 2001
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Kwanyuswa, Botha’s Hill
Home Town: Hillcrest
Sporting Code: Cycling
Career Achievements: 2nd Junior at Spur MTB Schools Series in KZN
Introduction to my sport: It was a race next to my home and I went to watch which got me interested. I went back at home to ask my mother to buy a cheap bike for me and later I met Change a Life rider Mboneni Ngcobo. He called me and said I should go and gym with him and he also gave me a better bike than before. He started coaching me and I started to improved and by November 2018 I got a KZN MTB award by finishing 2nd junior at the Spur MTB Schools Series.
Nickname: Sitha
Favourite Food: Spaghetti with fish.
What does the EADP Mean for you: Having a doctor there is a big help and to be able to train my upper body and use the gym is important for me. Also being able to use the facility for interval training is great!
Favourite Drink: Super M

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