Name: Gena LofstrandLofstrand
Date of Birth: 23/10/95
Gender: Female
Place of birth: Durban
Home town: Hillcrest
Sporting code: Athletics
Introduction to your sport: I started running cross country in primary school just for fun, and later on decided I wanted to start training with a coach. I was introduced to track running by my first coach and fell in love with the sport. I started working with my current coach, Victor Vaz, in high school, which is when I began focusing purely on track running, and started training much more seriously.
Career achievements: 2010-2011 – SA Duathlon Champs gold medalist, 2012 SA Duathlon champs silver medalist, competed at World Duathlon Champs, 2013 – SA Junior gold medalist in the 800m and 1500m, and Senior gold medalist in the 800m, 2014 – IAAF World Junior Championships semi-finalist, 2016 – Bronze at SA Senior Championships in the 800m, 2017 – Silver at SA Senior Championships in the 800m, Gold at CAA Southern Regions championships, IAAF Senior World Championships semi-finalist, 2018 – Silver at SA Senior championships in the 800m, part of team SA that competed at the IAAF World Cup.
Nickname: Gen Gen
Favourite food: Chocolate
How do you spend your down time: Watching series, taking naps, eating.
Facebook page: Gena Lofstrand
Instagram: genalofstrand
Specialist event: 800m
Importance of EADP for you: I feel so lucky to have access to world class facilities at Prime, and I am so grateful to be able to work with top class bio’s, physios, and doctor’s who help me perform at my best, and achieve my goals.
Favourite drink: Coffee

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