Full Name: Courtney Smith
Date of Birth: 3 November 2000
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Durban, South Africa
Home Town: Durban
Sporting Code: Cycling
Introduction to your Sport: I started copying my brother when I was younger and he did multi sport so then did it too, I then moved onto mountain biking and loved it and then later people invited me to try road and track cycling and I absolutely loved them!
Career Achievements: Provincial track champ
Africa continental champ 2017 2018
South African track champ
Participated in Junior World Championships x2
Nickname: Korky / Cork / Courts
Favourite Food: Pasta
How do I spend my down time: Being with family and friends, listening to music and having a good time
Twitter Handle: @corksmith
Facebook Page: Courtney Smith
Instagram Handle: @corksmith
Special Events: Endurance events
Importance of the EADP to me: To be part of such a great program is really cool, and to have such knowledgeable people helping me follow my dreams is really amazing and I am so great full to be part of such an awesome program.
Favourite Drink: Apple lemon and ginger juice

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