Full name: Amber SchlebuschSchlebusch
Date of birth: 27 July 2001
Gender: Female
Place of birth: Cape Town
Home town: Durban
Sport code: Triathlon
Introduction to sport: I started triathlon because my mom would spend her weekends doing Tinman events and training. I was excited to try something new, and it only took one race for me to get hooked.
Career achievements:
Buenos Aires 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games – GOLD
Mandela Day Triathlon – GOLD
Tiszaujvaros ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup – SILVER
Holten ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup – BRONZE
Tour Durban Cycle Race – 2nd in Junior category
SA Triathlon Champs Bloemfontein – GOLD
Nickname: Ambs
Favorite food: sushi
How I spend my down time: I enjoy relaxing at home, catching up on series or tv shows. I also enjoy going out with friends from school, as it’s just a change of scenery from training and racing.
Facebook page: Amber Schlebusch
Instagram: ambs_schlebusch
Importance of EADP: It provides a support base and makes me feel that I have a reliable team to depend on, that will help me in becoming the best athlete I could possibly be. A variety of specialist equipment and qualified staff at hand simplifies the training and maintenance.
Favorite drink: any kind of fruit smoothie

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