Full name: Hank McGregor McGregorEDIT
Date of birth: 24/01/1978
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Cape Town
Home town: Durban
Sporting code: canoeing / Surfski
Introduction to your sport: my father got me into the sport as he was a top competitor in canoeing and Surfski paddling and I guess I followed in his footsteps.
Career achievements: 11 x Senior World Canoe Marathon Champion
Nickname: Machine
Favorite food: pasta
How do you spend your down time: by spending quality time with my beautiful wife Pippa & son Tor
Twitter handle: @Hank_McGregor
Facebook page: @HankMcgregorAthlete
Instagram: hankmcgregor
Specialist event/s: Surfski/Canoeing
Importance of the EADP for you: to assist me to raise my level in the sport of paddling
Favourite drink: Sparkling water

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