Full name: Megan TullyTullyEDIT
Date of birth: 20 February 2002
Gender: Female
Place of birth: Westville, KZN
Home town: Umhlanga
Sporting code: Swimming
Introduction to your sport: My Mum would throw us in the pool with arm bands on and we used to float in the pool for hours. My sisters and I have always been water babies & we started swimming without armbands at 2 years old
Career achievements: 1st place  Midmar Mile 2016 – Girls 13 and under category.  21min 58 secs 1st place JNR Nationals in 100m & 200m backstroke girls 16 year old & 3rd in 50m backstroke – 2018 3rd place in 200m Backstroke and 4th in 100m backstroke at Senior Nationals – 2018
Nickname: Megs
Favorite food: Sushi and Chicken Pie!
How do you spend your down time: Sleeping and reading and hanging with my triplet sisters!
Facebook page: Megan Tully
Instagram: megg.tully
Specialist event/s: Backstroke 50, 100 and 200m.
Importance of the EADP for you: EADP will assist to help me reach my full potential, perform my best and achieve the big dreams.
Favourite drink: fruit juice, water and Kauai smoothies

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