Full name: Usaamah Vally VallyEDIT
Date of birth: 10 January 2001
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Greytown , KZN
Home town: Durban, KZN
Sporting code: Athletics – High Jump
Introduction to your sport: I was introduced to High Jump in 2015 , although not being much of an Athlete . With the guidance of coaches , I was able to choose the correct discipline . By choosing High Jump as a discipline , I feel that this was my true correct .
Career achievements:
• 2xKZN Provincial Champion (2017/18)
• 2xKZN Schools Champion (2017/18)
• 2017 SACSSA National Champion
• Selected 2x to represent KZN at SA Champs
• Selected to compete at CAA African Championships
• KZN ranking : 1st
• National ranking: 2nd
Nickname: Russty
Favorite food: All foods (I enjoy everything)
How do you spend your down time: surfing , chilling with Friends , trying new foods out , playing soccer and most of all chilling and watching movies.
Facebook page: Usaamah Vally
Instagram: @champagnerussty_
Specialist event/s: High Jump
Importance of the EADP for you: One of the most significant opportunities in my life . I see the EADP as giving me a distinct advantage . Now I feel I’m able to build myself up to compete against the elite athletes of the country .
Favourite drink: The Classic Coca’ Cola, a traditional Espresso

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