WardEDIT Jenna Ward
Date of Birth: 07 January 1993
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Amanzimtoti, KZN
Home Town: Umhlanga
Sporting Code: Canoeing
Introduction of your sport: My dad is a paddler, and after a few years sitting on the bank watching him, I decided it would be a better idea to jump in and do it myself.
Career Achievements:
2018 3rd in the Dusi canoe marathon k2
2017 1st place in the Fish river canoe marathon k2
2016 silver medalist world canoe marathon champs k2
2015 bronze medalist world canoe marathon champs u23k1
2015 world champion surf ski u23
2014 bronze medalist world canoe marathon champs u23k1
Nick Name: Jen
Favourite Food: Chicken Pasta
What do I do in my downtime: Watching movies and series
Twitter Handle:@Jen_Ward10
Facebook Page: Jenna Ward
Instagram: jenward10
Disciplines: flatwater marathon, rivers and surf ski
Importance of the EADP to me: I am fortunate to have been on the EADP program for the last 4 years. The support that we get from the program is unbelievable. They take care of all the behind scenes that no body really hears or knows about. Whether it be a physiotherapist, dietician, doctor, bio or even just a massage they are their to support you. Without EADP my preparations and build up to races wouldn’t be the same and I am just so grateful for all that EADP have done for me and my sporting career.

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