Full Name: Luzaan de Wit
Date Of Birth: 12 February 2001
Gender: Female
Place Of Birth: Pretoria
Home Town: Pietermaritzburg
Sporting Code: Athletics/Cross Country/Road Running
Introduction to your Sport: I have always loved running and was introduced to the sport of athletics at a young age (11) when I broke my school’s 1200m record without any proper training. I joined an athletics club the following year and was selected to represent Kwazulu-Natal in cross country and athletics after just a few months of training. I have developed a real passion for running ever since and strive to one day represent my country at an international competition!
Career Achievements: I have represented Kwazulu-Natal in 800m and cross country since 2013. My greatest achievement so far was coming 3rd at the South African Schools Athletics Championships 2018 in 800m in a time of 2,11,20 minutes. I was also 10th at South African Cross-Country Championships 2018 in the 4km race and was selected to represent Kwazulu-Natal in 10km at the South African 10km Championships in 2018
Favourite Food: Pineapple
How do I spend my Downtime: Reading
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/luzaan.dewit
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luzaandewit/
Importance of the EADP to me: Providing me with a support team of medical professionals as well as training and rehabilitation/recovery facilities
Specialist Events: 800m/Cross Country
Favourite Drink: Grapetizer

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