Thomas Jessop

Name: Thomas Jessop

Date of Birth: 16/11/1998

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Durban

Home Town: Umhlanga

Sporting Code: Cycling

Introduction to your sport: I got into mountain biking with my brothers from a very young age after we moved across from motorbikes. We have always built jumps in the garden and enjoyed riding, training and racing!

Career Achievements: 2014 u16 SA marathon Champ
2014 u16 SA Cross country cup series
2016 5th at African Continental Championships u18

Personal Sponsors: Concept Cyclery Balito | Enduren | Thule

Nickname: Tom

Role Model: Burry Stander – I’ve seen only a glimpse of just how hard and how tough one has to be to make it as a pro mountain biker in Europe and Burry persevered and suffered and reaped the rewards of all his hard work which is really inspiring!

Favourite Food: Pizza with Chicken, Bacon, Avo and Feta
How do you spend your down time? Studying for matric this year!

Twitter Handle: @thomasjessop16

Specialist Event/s: Cross Country Mountain biking

Importance of the EADP for you: The EADP has helped me through my rough 2015 season after my major injuries and my work with the biokineticists at Prime is helping me stay strong and injury free!

Favourite Drink: Chocolate Milkshakes!

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